Sensei AwYong 

Founder, 5th Dan

AwYong Sensei currently holds a 5th Dan in Aikido. He started training in 1972 on the rooftop of YMCA at Grange Road under Harry Ng Sensei.

He recalls riding on his bicycle to attend trainings and would always be too tired after to ride back home. Thankfully, that did not deter him from continuing and so 40 years later, ZhenQiShu Aikido was formed.   

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Sensei Aziz

Instructor, 4th Dan

Aziz started his Aikido training with us since his first year in Singapore Polytechnic in 2001. It is difficult to miss him in the dojo during practice sessions as his nickname is either “the BFG” or “giraffe”.


Instructor Eugene

Instructor, 3rd Dan

Eugene started out in Temasek Polytechnic’s Aikido Club and was Khalid’s ultimate wingman when both were in the school committee. Looks can be deceiving; Eugene packs a mean punch although petite in frame.

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Instructor Khalid

Instructor, 3rd Dan

Khalid joined us in 2011 at Temasek Polytechnic. He is usually spotted with an intense gaze in the dojo but is also one to break into a bright smile while chatting with fellow trainees after practice sessions.


Instructor Izzah

Instructor, 2nd Dan

Izzah started training in 2012 and is now mainly in-charge of leading the children class. She may appear stern when teaching, but after lessons she can also be seen playing around and laughing with the children.